About HIA

522887_141868495967487_788102947_n[2]Heroes in Action, Inc. was founded by Ray Amanat so that he can empower anyone to learn how to stand up for themselves and others in a safe and justifiable manner.

We have school bullies, sexual predators, criminals of all kinds, corrupt politicians and evil dictators that prey on anyone who are weak, easily intimidated, uneducated or not prepared for their style of oppression.

These people are all wolves that look for any opportunity to make social and/or financial gains for themselves or are just plain evil with no respect for their intended target’s rights to feel safe as they pursue their goals towards happiness.

The Heroes in Action curriculum is designed to educate and train people to get out of the victim mind-set or sheep and to create  more awareness of their surroundings to become either a watchdog or a sheepdog.