Ray Amanat founded “Heroes in Action” mainly because he was a victim of bullying and violence at home and from elementary school through high school.  A Hero in his life helped him to realize that he deserved to be safe, and deserved to be respected. With that, Ray decided to be a “Victim No More”, and to end the bullying and violence in his life. He began studying Martial Arts  which gave him the confidence and empowered him to stand up against those who were bullying him.

As Ray saw his life turning around, he began to empathize with others who were in the same circumstance, and did not have a Hero in their life to help them. Since schools have “Zero Tolerance” policies, Ray knew he could not teach martial arts in the classroom, but he could apply the principles of honor, integrity, respect and character as part of his curriculum. Since bullying and violence are safety issues, Ray researched, trained and became certified in many programs having to do with public and personal safety. At this point, he founded Heroes In Action, where he developed programs to help adults and children of all abilities and disabilities to feel empowered to keep themselves safe, as well as to create a culture of respect and non-violence towards others.