Ray Amanat founded “Heroes in Action” mainly because he was a victim of bullying and violence at home and from elementary school through high school. A Hero in his life helped him to realize that he deserved to be safe, and deserved to be respected. With that, Ray decided to be a “Victim No More”, and to end the bullying and violence in his life. He began studying Martial Arts which gave him the confidence and empowered him to stand up against those who were bullying him.

As Ray saw his life turning around, he began to empathize with others who were in the same circumstance, and did not have a Hero in their life to help them. Since schools have “Zero Tolerance” policies, Ray knew he could not teach martial arts in the classroom, but he could apply the principles of honor, integrity, respect and character as part of his curriculum. Since bullying and violence are safety issues, Ray researched, trained and became certified in many programs having to do with public and personal safety. At this point, he founded Heroes In Action, where he developed programs to help adults and children of all abilities and disabilities to feel empowered to keep themselves safe, as well as to create a culture of respect and non-violence towards others.

​Ray has since lectured at public and private universities, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. He gives seminars and personal safety workshops to individuals and corporations, providing them with street-smart tips, practical advice, and role-playing with real world examples. He works with area law enforcement and local D.A.R.E. programs, as well as the St. Louis Special School District, to give guidance to children with special needs, and is often interviewed by radio and news programs.

He has established himself as a leading advocate for victims of abuse, bullying and violence. His tragic personal experience gave him a first-hand understanding of their experiences, which is why the program he developed works. It is also why he continuously works toward promoting the goal of Amanat’s Heroes In Action, to educate everyone in the community to create a safer environment, so we can all move forward in life in a positive way.

Dr. Klein is a local general dentist. Having been bullied in elementary school, he knows first hand the effects bullying can have on a child, both physically and mentally. When his two sons were being picked on in school, they enrolled in Mr. Amanat’s classes. Their self-confidence soared knowing how to assert themselves when confronted by bullies. Now they even come to the defense of others in need of assistance.
Having known and worked with Mr. Amanat for over twenty years, Dr. Klein has personally seen the positive results the H.E.R.O.E.S. In Action program can provide for both children and adults.

I have been associated with Ray for over 20 years as a martial arts student and as one of his assistant instructors. I have been an advocate of his programs and have seen them evolve over the years to encompass more and more people of all ages. Ray has a unique ability to connect with all people regardless of age, race or gender. He is a natural teacher and a born leader. I have personally seen the transformation Ray can generate in people’s lives and can speak first hand of the impact he has had in many communities. Having been a part of Heroes in Action from the beginning, I heartily recommend his training for everyone.​

Sabrina has had a lifelong passion for personal and public safety. Currently Sabrina works at Private Probation Service TBN, LLC, as a Probation Officer and GPS monitoring specialist. Sabrina was introduced to the martial arts world at the age of 9 with Mr. Amanat. Growing up in the dojo or training studio, Sabrina was able to learn respect, discipline and the importance of personal safety. During her youth and teen years Sabrina was part of the D.A.R.E. competition and demo team as well as the Team Respect national competition team. Receiving her black belt at the age of 13, Sabrina was able to expand her knowledge and reach higher goals. At the age of 18 Sabrina was certified as a Tactical Master Instructor of C.D.T Non-Deadly Force Training.
As Sabrina, has worked with victims of domestic violence, she has the understanding of their experiences, which is why she has joined Ray and the H.E.R.O.E.S in Action Team, and is excited to spread the message of safety, personal awareness at home, in school and in the work place.​

Tina is committed to educating children.  She believes that schools should be safe, peaceful environments that promote a lifelong passion for learning.  Currently, Tina is a Lower Elementary Directoress for a local private Montessori School. 

​She teaches a classroom of children ages six-nine.  Previously, Tina taught second grade for an inner-city charter school.  She has seen first-hand how H.E.R.O.E.S. in Action helps provide children with the skills and information needed to assert themselves and be safe regarding bullying and violence.

Kevin is a Senior Assurance Associate at a big four public accounting firm in St. Louis, MO.  He believes in the importance of teaching our youth about the damaging effects of bullying and ways they can help prevent it. 

​Through Ray’s H.E.R.O.E.S. in Action program, he knows real change is possible.  With the commitment of our community, Kevin believes Ray has the potential to change thousands of lives.  He supports the program through volunteering his time coordinating H.E.R.O.E.S. in Action special projects and events.

Kim works as a Technology Specialist at a local private university.  She knows the importance of educating children about anti-bullying tactics when they are young so they may implement those skills in their adult/professional lives in the future. 

​Kim is a strong advocate of the H.E.R.O.E.S. in Action organization and believes it is a great program for all ages and environments.

Debbie Scofield

Originally from South Bend, Indiana and lives in Warrenton, Missouri who has
owned her own dog grooming business (Dog in Suds Grooming) since 1999.  
In 1999 that I met and began training with Mr. Ray Amanat. Being a business
owner and working late hours, I wanted to learn self-defense. After seeing a
presentation Mr. Amanat gave at the Working Women’s Survival Show, I
signed up for his women’s self-defense class. I eventually became one of Mr.
Amanat’s martial arts students and earned my Deputy Black Belt through his
program. I have continued training with Mr. Amanat with his CTS (Conflict and
Threat Strategies) curriculum that he created specifically for Heroes in Action.
I assist Mr. Amanat in kid’s safety classes at the St. Ann Community Center
and with Heroes in Action safety seminars for children and adults throughout
St. Louis.
Mr. Amanat is mentoring me to be a trainer/educator to hopefully expand our
programs more nationally.
I serve as Secretary on Heroes in Action’s board of directors. My duties
include minutes of the meetings, writing press releases and grants,
fundraising and donating as much time as possible. I also occasionally have
the honor of bringing to life Heroes In Action’s mascot, Mushy the Martian!!!!

Erik “Doc” Anderson

Erik “Doc” Anderson has a special relationship with the word “impossible.” Born with Cerebral Palsy, people have tried all his life to tell him what THEY thought he couldn’t do. He realized he could either listen to them and live in a very small world, or ignore them, risk failure and maybe live in a much larger one. He stopped listening to them. As a result he’s done things many other people only dream of doing. Join Erik on an entertaining, thought provoking program that challenges our ideas of what is and is not impossible.

He is a trained ADHD coach and has decades of experience working with people who are differently-brained — people who don’t fit the middle of the bell curve. Erik also has ADHD. That means he not only knows how to work with ADHD, he understands the struggle. He also knows what it takes to work as a creative both inside and outside the normal 9-to-5 world. And he specializes in helping creatives and people with unique brain wiring become the HERO of their own story.