Carl B.

“I was arrested last year on drug charges. I didn’t know any lawyers so I asked my neighbor and some guys at work. They all gave me the same name: José Fanego. I hired him and we went to court for the first time together a few weeks later. We walked into the courtroom and the judge literally interrupted a hearing that was in progress to say ‘Good morning, Mr. Fanego. It’s a pleasure to see you.’ It blew my mind! That was the moment I realized everything was going to be okay. José is really well known in the courts and is highly respected by his peers. He knows every single person we dealt with by first name, and knew how to get from point A to point B the easiest possible way. Two trips to court later, and I ended up with a brief period of probation, no jail and no criminal record. I now know it was not a coincidence that several different people gave me the same attorney name. He’s just that good.”

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